CHRIS DAVIES has shed some light on the reasoning behind new signing Daniel Arzani not making Celtic’s Europa League group squad.

It emerged late last night that the little Australian had failed to make it into European contention just a few weeks after signing on a two-year loan with the bhoys.

With much made of Arzani’s exclusion in-particular, Celtic’s assistant manager explains the decision.

“Daniel is a young player, he is still adapting to the environment here,” Davies said Speaking to STV.

“He is two weeks into his training program here, which is, in normal terms, still early pre-season.

“He still has a way to go to get up to speed but he has a two-year loan and we are going to support his development.

“His main priority is to build up his condition, he’s had half a development team game.

Daniel played in this year’s World Cup but since then he has had no game time whatsoever apart from the developmental game last week.

Brendan Rodgers is very protective of his young stars and knows if he puts the midfielder in before he’s ready it will do more harm than good if Arzani can’t play to his potential.

There are big things expected from the young man with many believing he is one of the best young talents Australia has produced for a long time. Aherm…since Big Tam!


  1. Celtic,
    why are you being so precious? Arzani not in the best Celtic 46 ??? that’s right I said Celtic not Barcelona.
    I think Rogers is making a point with the board. If you wanted to progress in Europa its criminal he is not in the squad. Don’t waste the talent


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