FORMER SPL Chief Roger Mitchell slammed one Celtic fan on social media for his take on Celtic’s poor performances in Europe and claimed that mentality is exactly why the Celtic board sleep easy at night.

The Hoops were thumped at home by Bayer Leverkusen in what’s become the norm at Celtic Park. A well managed decline of football operations has meant the club now struggle to really put up a fight against European opposition.

Bayer Leverkusen are a good team, but there was a time when Celtic would have not only gone toe to toe with them – but would’ve managed to get the victory.

Mitchell is an outspoken Celtic fan at times but has he hit the nail on the head?

Celtic fans can be loyal to a fault; there are some supporters out there who think the people running our club should continually be given the benefit of the doubt.

If footballing operations were run better and a structure was implemented – we could again look to challenge these sides. Right now, the decline is stark.

Yes, we’re going through a rebuild but before Ange came on the scene, Europe was still a major issue for Celtic.

Neil Lennon enjoyed a good run in the Europa League two seasons ago – that was down to grit and some incredible saves from our former goalkeeper Fraser Forster.


  1. Even a novice can read see where our problems lie. Hart has the ball, he rolls it 15 yards out to whoever, panic sets in and he squares the ball to the opposite side of the pitch, he looks up and squares it back again, goes forward 10 yards as the opposition has retreated only to stop, look up and square the ball again, ball collected he looks up sees a blue shirt in front of him and its squared again and panic, back to Hart….. faffing around in the 18 yard box cost us again, this lack of forward thrust has made nervous wrecks out of all our keepers since Forster, Barkus and Bain included. This sideways, back passing system is c rap. Our defenders can’t hack it, and neither can l. No wonder big Ajer hit the road. Somethings got to be done, and now.

  2. Too much time spent building from back to front. Get the ball up to forwards through the midfield. I believe the current method is to build from the back, well it ain’t happening. Either we are not good enough, or we can’t handle the workload. Sadly Hart, big name he is, hasn’t a clue when the opposition is pushing us back. Using his eyes he’d see that, but it is part of the current plan to ‘build from the back’? Is there a plan B, cause plan A isn’t working. Might be handy to have a plan C as well???

  3. Leverkusen are a good side. I predicted a 4-0 loss because that is the current gap. Celtic really only have to be better than Rangers ..their squad costs more so that’s the target you expect. At present Gerrard has a poorer team but a better coaching staff…


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