We’re sitting at Friday now and we’re still hearing media and ex-players lining up to stick the boot into Scott Brown.

The game was on Sunday and the meltdown has been so spectacular the SFA has decided to get involved – it’s really something to behold.

Scott Brown played the game on Sunday and won! That’s the story here and the only people who want to have a moan about it are the ones who can’t stand the sight of the Celtic captain getting one over the boys in blue.

Case and point, we now have former Ibrox striker Kenny Miller having a dig at Scott and that word of ‘class’ comes up again from a man who showed very little of it during his career.

What’s even more astonishing about this criticism is that Kenny hasn’t even seen the incident in question – he’s just barking out the party lines from the rest of his pals in the press.

Kenny said to SunSport: “Have a bit of class. You’ve won the game, you are going to win another title and you are on for a Treble.

“You don’t need to do that. You are the Celtic captain and you were the captain of the national team.

“You can be bigger. Go and celebrate, rightly so, with your own fans. I haven’t seen the gesture but there is a reason why he’s been cited.”

Astonishing from a man who hasn’t seen the incident and someones who was an ex-teammate of the Celtic captain’s for both club and country.


  1. This is the problem. Scotland is a country where plenty of people who have not seen the incident are desperate to comment. They only show themselves up. Kenny’s Wife needs to have a wee word with him.


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