Antenna TV will be in attendance at Celtic Park on the 31st of March to interview Celtic fans for their documentary “Football Stories”. They will also be looking for fans a few days prior to kick-off for the low-down on the clubs history and culture.

Goodfellas Productions P.C. is a Thessaloniki based independent production company. We are currently shooting a new football-themed travel show named “Football Stories”. The program will go on air next season in one of the biggest Greek TV Broadcasters, Antenna TV.

About “Football Stories”:

Two friends have a common wish: to live and witness the greatest football derbies of the world.

The show follows the journeys of George and Aggelos, as they investigate the reasons that shaped the rivalry of the two opposing teams throughout history. They emphasize the contrast of the ideologies that the teams represent and highlight the sociopolitical differences that intensify each rivalry, through the eyes of the people who express these standpoints: In reality, the true protagonist of this show is the whole city (or cities) that lives and breathes in anticipation for this great game, represented by the most loyal fan to the greatest legend of the past.

Our goal is to create a series that delivers high quality, docu-style informative content while integrating effectively the realistic aspect of travelling, more light-hearted show.

To quickly get a better idea of who we are and what we do, this is a promotional trailer of our show:  Football Stories Promo Trailer

What we want

We will be in Glasgow from 26 to 31 of March (one week before the Old Firm).

What we want is to meet Celtic fans, speak about what the Celtic feeling means, the Old Firm and the rivalry with Rangers (religious, political, social background).

For the game day, we also want to cover the pre-game atmosphere outside the stadium, so we would be excited to go to the Celtic Park with a couple of Celtic fans that can explain to us what’s going on.

About Antenna TV:

Antenna Group’s television business began in 1989 when Antenna TV was launched as one of the first private television channels in Greece. Antenna TV rapidly became the country’s leading broadcaster, built on a strategy focused on the viewer and has a leading position on ratings, audience share and share of advertising revenue in Greece, ever since. More about Antenna TV: Antenna Group

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