Former Celtic striker Frank McAvennie feels comfortable telling his pals at Open Goal Sport about what’s going on in the Celtic dressing room apparently.

Speaking on the Open Goal Coupon show alongside Simon Ferry and Derek Ferguson the football dinosaur shared a story from Neil Lennon’s time at the club since returning in February.

McAvennie didn’t name the player but told the story below.

“There’s a lot happening that I’m hearing.

“I’m going to tell you something that will shock you.

“I got told that Lenny was shouting at one of them and the player said, ‘Brendan never shouted at us’.

“If that’s the case, football’s gone.”

The need or compulsion to tell this story is pretty poor. What does it do for anybody other than make Frank look like the big man for having some inside information?

The running theme if you listen to this particular trio is ‘the game’s gone’ and it’s not like it was back in their day.

This story reflects badly on Neil Lennon as much as it does Frank. An insight into what some of the Celtic players are experiencing for the first time since Rodgers left. A silly thing for any player to say after a rollicking but the fact that it’s got outside the changing room and Frank’s eagerness to ‘shock’ Derek Ferguson and Simon Ferry smacks of attention seeking.


  1. He forgets mention, that Brendan held his lip so much. That he nearly bit it off.
    Each manager has his moves. If you can’t entertain the fans or assist your team mates and are shi7e. More than often ‘they’ will tell you ‘Suck it up and get on with it” Broony is famous for this.
    Neil can only animate his discord from the by-line and spread you with venom at half-time or the end of the game In the dressing room. But its a stressfull time on both camps.

    But no place for shrinking violets. They become Tv pundits.

  2. Good for you Frank and of course that’s the reason he got sacked at Hibs. Hees a heed case and should not even be in charge as interim manager. Celtic in my opinion made one of the biggest errors in their history by not securing the services of Steve Clarke. Ive supported Celtic for seventy odd years but I’m sick of the possibility of Lennon in charge and have lost heart and interest for the first time in all these years.

  3. What is it with the name frank?
    With macavennie and Logan above talking sheeite!! McAvennie is a total tosser. I wonder if he phoned his pal “Coisty” to tell him…….prick!!


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