BELGIUM under 21s coach, Johan Walem has weighed into the Charly Musonda saga in a big way after it was revealed the player wouldn’t be rejoining Celtic in the summer.

Walem accuses the player of maybe believing his own hype and citied that there is something very wrong if he can’t get a start with Celtic with the obvious talent Charly has.

Speaking to Voetball magazine, Walem gave his thoughts.

“He went to Celtic and look what happened.

“It’s Celtic – I saw them in the Champions League. A player like Charly should always be in this team.

“But he has not played. So that leads me to believe there is a problem with him.

“The boy has everything. Really everything! An incredible talent. He is fast, and technically great, he sees the game and is a male in the duels. In short, he has all the qualities to play at the highest level. Maybe they told him too often that he was too beautiful, too strong, too good.

“For the Under 21s, the door is closed for him and it was him who shut it. I selected him for the squad and he didn’t want to come – supposedly to concentrate on Chelsea.

“Yet I spent a full day with him in London and everything went well. I met with Antonio Conte and he told me he expected Charly to be in the first team squad in the near future.

“Then he refused the call-up.”


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