MARK GUIDI has changed his tune when it comes to punishments for COVID rule breaks within the Scottish game and to be honest, it’s in keeping with the rest of a compliant media who appear to be less than interested this time around.

Celtic and Boli Bolingoli were lambasted in the press over the Belgian’s trip to Spain at the start of the season. Mark Guidi was so incensed by it, he wanted to see a point deduction for any club rule breaking from then on.

However, after FIVE Gers players broke rules and were only caught because the police turned up at the residence they were attending, Guidi is all for second chances and has severely softened his stance.

A Celtic fan has spliced the audio from August alongside Guidi’s recent comments on another rule break from the Ibrox club.

Celtic were also hammered for going on a sanctioned trip to Dubai, and they were dragged through the mud by the people who sanctioned it also.

There’s seemingly no appetite in the media for holding anybody at Ibrox to account while there are barrel loads for Celtic.

Let me get this clear, I don’t think there should be points deductions for this, I’m just amused by the blatant hypocrisy and bias that is clearly in play. No word from the SFA or government to this point while the club across the city marks their own homework. Should we expect anything less?


  1. That clown is the biggest coward there is. This is the man that said he couldn’t believe the hysteria about sevco claiming the old clubs history! Try telling that to Fergus McCann who put his millions up rather than let our club die or the hearts fans who did like wise to save their club through a CVA again not to let their club die.
    The man is pathetic. All those embarrassing celtic fans who phone radio snyde to get ex huns like Alex Raes opinion on current celtic matters and refer to the Glasgow derby as the o** f*** why not go on and have a go at this complete hypocrite rather than pander to liars like him and Keevans who are to scared to tell it like it is

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