HUGH KEEVINS loves to be outspoken and controversial, it’s what’s kept him in his role for many years. While we appreciate the journalist’s seniority and experience covering Scottish football, he’s from a bygone era that’s inadvertently helped give birth to fan media.

The sort of slap stick, shock jock way of doing things for years has been challenged by fan media and people who are not in it for anything else than to cover their football team as open and honestly as they can.

Keevins was on the SSB panel for the cup final and when the Hibernian goal went in, the pundit proceeded to call Celtic’s defence out for being a shambles — a comment that would hold more stock if we didn’t have the best defensive record in the SPFL this season.

Hugh then goes on to state he wouldn’t be surprised if the Hibs goal was the only goal of the game. The pundit gleefully understanding the carnage a Hibernian win would cause on the airwaves.

Sadly, for Hugh, it only took Celtic 14 seconds from the restart to absolutely demolish his shock jock nonsense.

He then proceeds to claim the goal was offside – we all know it wasn’t.

We should get mad at Hugh for his constant negativity, however, I don’t think we’d be here as a site today with the largest independent Celtic following on the web.

Great prediction, Hugh!


  1. Kevin’s is an old fud. Like an out if date book from the library, like an old newspaper found in the attic. A yesterdays man who can’t wait for the whistle, but he’s grabbing at his old cliches and bull that filled his days. Take this Hugh as it is sent… just eff off you old tossed.’


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