NEIL LENNON spoke about this being the end of an era for this Celtic side and a rebuild must take place. Nothing we haven’t been saying for months but an acceptance by the manager that things will have to drastically change.

The massive takeaway from the audio below is the Irishman believes he’s the man to do the rebuild.

The Hoops boss reiterated his love for the club and his desire to turn things around next term.

Audio from BBC Sportsound:

You won’t find many fans subscribing to the idea of Neil Lennon staying on beyond today never mind into next season. There is a small pocket of support for the manager within the support; those fans are so entrenched in what Neil Lennon has done in the past they are willing to forgive the major role in the club’s failed ten in a row bid.

The team has been in disarray, the manager’s team selections are baffling and he’s shot the confidence of most new signings.

It’s time for a change and I’d like to think Neil Lennon knows that deep down and will admit it in the future once the dust settles.

Full BBC interview below:


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