CELTIC Legend Bertie Auld has weighed into the Dedryk Boyata saga by going rather old school on the player.

The European Cup winner is not amused by the defender’s lack of professionalism and suggested he be marched down to Glasgow Green to train alone.

If I was the manager, would I play Boyata again? No chance. Never!

“In fact, I wouldn’t even let him train with the squad at Lennoxtown. I would have him escorted to Glasgow Green every day to train on his own on the public parks.

“The way he’s treated Brendan Rodgers, his colleagues and everyone at Celtic and the supporters has been an absolute disgrace — totally unacceptable.

“The player claims he is unfit and couldn’t have played against AEK in Athens. The manager says he is fit. Who do you believe?”

Bertie wears his heart on his sleeve and loves the club dearly, to see someone make light of their responsibilities as a Celtic player has obviously riled the former Celtic star.


  1. Bertie said it as it is and it’s very sad really. I don’t think Boyata understands the Celtic mentality, we all know it’s much more than a club. So no hard feeling to Boyata but he has to leave.

  2. Bertie never let anyone take the baw aff him. But if they did he would chase after them and get it back. But if he never, his team mates, Billy or Jim or John would. But they would half them. Dead to us has no elan. Better he goes. But maybe he should take Bernies advice. Because it worth listening to.

  3. Aye you can count on Bertie to tell it EXACTLY,how it is.Met him one day in the Celtic store at Celtic Park during Ronnie’s time in charge.I went in to have a wee look with my wife and grandaughter,we went in purely because it was pouring with rain.We were looking at some items near one of the entrances and Bertie came in absolutely drenched,gave himself a shake off,and it was actually my wife he started a conversation with,”what a day”he said to my wife,now i knew Bertie’s character,after seeing many you-tube clips of Bertie at supporters do’s etc,so i knew he liked to chew the fat with the fans.He continued to chat for about 5 mins,not about football but everyday topics much like any anon person you would meet at a bus stop really.After excusing himself,saying “well i better go and find ???” can’t remember who or why he had to meet,and then he came out with a line,that i’ll remember him for all my days,”THEN I SUPPOSE I’D BETTER GO AND WATCH THAT LOADA PISH”,as he stabbed his thumb over his shoulder towards the stadium.Aye, we WERE playing some poor stuff,even by the Ronnie years,standards,but my wife nodded and said “your not wrong”.
    After Bertie left i said to my wife and grandaughter,”do you know who that was?” “no,but what a nice man” my wife replied.I had to go over to one of the book shelves and show her pictures of Bertie to prove who she had just slagged off the team to,”aye well they are PISH just now”she told me,as her face started to turn red,as i say that line will stay with me and my wife all our days.


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