Australian journalist Vince Rugari cannot believe how much the Scottish media are already turning on the Celtic manager after a month and three games.

You can see already there are some in the media who want their pound of flesh early on. Is it because Ange has refused to play ball with some of them and has shone a light on some of their silly questions? Perhaps.

Trying to judge a guy coming into the mess Celtic are in right now while not drawing proper attention to the custodians of the club who put us in that mess is a massive reach.

Vince simply can’t believe there are headlines questioning Ange already.

Ange continues to have the backing of the Celtic support even as the penny drops that this has to be a long term project with no short term fixes.

The manager has not been given the tools to do his job yet. Once he has his signings in and has his philosophy implemented, then we can judge what he’s doing.


  1. Media in scotland are just scumbags anti celtic JOUNRLISTS who support the loyalist movement but hid behide dirty rats including Clyde radio scum who cover up ranjurs 1872 LIQUIDATION saying now they were demoted to the bottle leagues but left debts of 165 millions behide and the newco have oldc history work that one out only in mason scotland this can happen disgrace.

  2. Hey with the players Ange has he has done a great job he had to use teens and players that want out,any Celtic player that wants out send him home and keep him away from rest of the players that want to be here the media pundits made up of so called Scottish Super Stars talk bull crap look Hearts WHERE OUTPLAYED EVERY ONE SEEN THAT,with 3 or 4 new players then Ange will have a team that has the will to win and fight for every ball and play great football when this clicks and it will then other teams and pundits will have to eat there words…sorry will be no good.
    As for refs and linesmen video evidence should be used and if found guilty of a Serious game changing error then they should be red carded and banned for 6 games and 3 red cards and your out for the season or we use VAR every team is affected by refs and linesmen making wrong calls…


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