After The Rangers pulled out of the Sydney Cup this week, there has been a lot going on. We have had watched the reaction in Scotland and as usual, some of the hacks are championing the unprofessional nature of the Ibrox club’s latest move.

They have ripped up a deal because they feel they’re being perceived as an opening act to Celtic. That’s the long and the short of things.

Friends down under have told us many of the TV stations covering the news have branded the move as ‘petty politics’.

Two major publishers in Australia haven’t so much reacted to the news as they have set out the scenario to their readers.

The Sydney Morning Herald did rightly mention the organisers had no plan for segregation of the two supporters and policing of them after the match that could have been a major issue. While the Australian has focused on the organisers of the event slamming the Glasgow club.

Sydney Morning Herald

The paper focused on the aspects of the tournament the organisers didn’t have a grasp on – like security. Citing this will now be a non-issue due to the Ibrox club pulling out.

‘It does, however, end any fears of fan violence in Sydney between Celtic and Rangers supporters. Representatives of the Sydney-based fan clubs of both teams had expressed serious concern over policing, logistics and the lack of segregation at not only Accor Stadium but pubs, trains and buses across the city during the week leading up to the November 20 fixture.’

The Australian

The site spoke about the Ibrox club not being happy with it being billed as Ange’s homecoming tour. Something that’s not in the league’s official marketing.

‘Sydney Super Cup organisers have slammed Rangers for withdrawing from the tournament which was to feature the first Old Firm clash played outside of Scotland. Following backlash from their fans for agreeing to take part in an event billed as a homecoming for Celtic’s Australian manager Ange Postecoglou, Rangers announced overnight they had pulled out of the November tournament’

Celtic will still travel to Australia and will most likely face other opposition. We understand the organisers will now look fro a replacement.


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