Australian journalist Simon Hill has sent a message to the Celtic support to stick with Ange through the rough patches because the end result will be rewarding.

Ange has only been in the job for three months and has had to oversee a lot in his short time. Fixtures coming thick and fast, injuries, squad turnover, and chief executives leaving the building!

Celtic were in so much disarray at the start of the season, only the most optimistic of fans thought this could be a quick fix and easy turnaround. We’re looking at a long haul build from Ange who needs the time and patients of the support.

Simon made it clear, the payoff for loyalty will usher in good things for the club.

Scottish football is an unforgiving place and the manager will have to put up with a lot of noise coming from different quarters. 

There are two things the manager needs to succeed; the backing of the board and the backing of the fans.

We can do our bit for Ange by simply allowing him to go through his process. It’s up to this fumbling board to try and give Ange what he needs in the short to medium term – that means signing players who actually suit his system come January.


  1. Only results matter. The time it takes to achieve those results is the big question. Celtic MUST win the league this season. We cannot give a direct Champions League qualification to the 9 year old pub club from Ibrox. Ange MUST find a way to take back what is ours this season, and the boardroom MUST back him to do so.

  2. I’ll stick with Big Ange, I know managers tend to have their favorites, but starting Tam Rogic has to end.
    He can to a turn off the bench when we’re maybe struggling and need to change things around a bit and he can pull a bit of magic out the bag, on the odd occasion, but he couldn’t trap a bag of wet cement.

  3. Pish Jinkster Rogic is a very good number 10. He doesn’t have the pace to play Centre Mid, why Ange doesn’t see this is beyond me. Turnbull has neither the ability nor pace to play 10 or mid. Also beyond me. Turnbull is a good Motherwell player at best, slower than a week in jail

  4. Pish is it? Behave yourself, well at least like a big Bhoy!
    I just don’t see him as a 90minute man and he defo cannot trap a ball, with the ball at his feet, sometimes he can be quite unbelievable, but he still couldn’t trap a bag of wet cement from a pass of any distance.That’s my opinion, you, in your own corner boy way, are welcome to yours. Were Turnbull comes into the argument God only knows, talk about whataboutery!

  5. I think the word ‘Europe’ strikes fear into the mentality of Celtic players now.
    Par for the course; 1 stupid mistake, 1 goal, roof caves in.
    The lads can’t be blamed for lack of effort but that’s not enough.

  6. The whole Celtic Rangers retric on the ‘must win’ ‘can’t let them have another title’ situation is pathetic, disband the league and send them down to the English lower leagues and let them fight their up, the whole scottish two team thing is a joke.., i reckon if Ange is allowed time and he wins things with Celtic he will be the next Liverpool manager.. Kenny’s got an eye on him.. you heard it hear first.,,


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