CELTIC FANS will be returning to Ibrox years after their last visit to the ground.

The pandemic halted any fans from getting into stadiums but at the beginning of this season, Celtic were asked to hand tickets back for Ibrox because they couldn’t guarantee to reciprocate.

At the time, Celtic sources told us that all things being equal, the Ibrox side would’ve got the same amount of briefs as they were given. However, due to the pandemic, they couldn’t conclusively guarantee the allocation and their chairman rescinded the tickets.

Given the game had to be moved to later in 2022 because of new restrictions, it was the right call by Celtic.

Going into the next two derby games, Ibrox chief Stewart Robertson has revealed to Sky Sports there will be a Celtic presence in the next derby.

He said: “There will be away allocations in the next two games.

“Because of theCovidsituation we had back in August, the two clubs got together and agreed that we wouldn’t have away fans.

“Because we had red zones, we weren’t sure what the situation was going to be for that period of time.

“So there will be away fans for the two games remaining.

“No, that (return to old allocations) won’t be happening this season. It’ll be the allocation we’ve had for the last couple of years.

“And going into next year and succeeding years after that, as far as I can see, it will still be at that level.”

So there will be no return to larger scale crowds. The last game Celtic occupied Ibrox in numbers was when French Eddy won the game for the Hoops during an era of unprecedented dominance for the Bhoys. It all got too much in the end for our rivals to stomach.



  1. Politely inform the newco high Kommandant that we don.t require to be in the oldco stadium AT ANY time in this millennium, especially Not herded like goats to appease the watery hun administration ( pun intended)..by gathering at their pie stall while they spew bile as per any day that ends with ” Y ” ..ANY hoops supporters who disagrees with my logical view would be playing into their hands “


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