Many fans pointed this out to me last night and I went back and watched it.

When you’re having as bad a season as Celtic are, every little thing is analysed and it can be done ad nauseam.

However, we can’t help but think the interaction between Leigh Griffiths and Gavin Strachan sums up our season and the perception among many fans that there’s a disconnect at Lennoxtown.

Leigh Griffiths was coming on as a late sub during Celtic’s dismal result against Ross County on Sunday night when Gavin Strachan started to feed the player instructions on his iPad.

The striker couldn’t have looked less interested in what was being said and didn’t even look down to see what Strachan was on about. The coach having to try and grab the striker’s attention.

It’s been a season of discontent for the support and it’s clearly seeped through into the halls at Lennoxtown. The coaching staff and some of the players are just not seeing eye to eye and Leigh Griffiths clearly doesn’t appreciate having an iPad in his face as he looks to come on and rescue the game for Celtic.


  1. Ever since Strachan Jnr came to Celtic we have been utter rubbish. Even in the last few games where we won by a few goals, we have been cr@p.

    Dump him as well as Lennon. No plan 2, no desire from the Lennon team to help the situation. The place is a cemetery!

    We are full of fools who know it all and do nothing about it!


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