CHRIS SUTTON has backed his old teammate Neil Lennon for calling out Olivier ntcham after his interview in France last week.

Olivier stated he wanted to leave Celtic this summer and believed the standard of league was hampering his progress. The midfielder also stated heading to Marseille or a club like that would help him blossom.

This hasn’t been received well by the Celtic fans and the club itself. Neil Lennon confirmed the squad, the board and himself are deeply unhappy with the way Olivier has gone about trying to get a transfer.

Sutton has hit the nail on the head and echoed the sentiment of many Celtic fans with regards to this issue.

It’s all well and good saying you’d be better playing in a higher standard of league but making that kind of statement after the season Ntcham has just had is quite preposterous.

Sutton describes Ntcham last season as ‘Bang average’ and he’s not worth £15million at this point.


  1. There are plenty games to play him in ,to make him look like the big fish he thinks he is. In reserve football .put him on the 8 week Bobo course in winter


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