Ian Bankier was asked by a shareholder at the AGM if he thought Celtic were treated differently by the SFA during the lockdown era of football.

The chairman revealed he thought the club was ‘astonishingly’ treated before conceding the Boli Bolingoli incident messed with the club’s momentum. [RecordSport]

When asked what could have been done about it, Bankier flippantly asked if the club should have taken on the government which led to many in the room shouting ‘yes’. One shareholder chanted ‘Wee Fergus [Fergus McCann] took them on.

Celtic seemed to get harshly treated at every turn during lockdown football. Even though the January trip to Dubai was ill-advised before they went out, they still got the green light and made sure they stuck to the protocols when they were out there with regards to rooms and travel.

When a positive case was found, the government moved the goal posts resulting in massive call-offs to our team for two fixtures.

It’s clear to see by Bankier’s demeanour that the backbone in the board room isn’t there.


  1. Wee rat was never away from Ibrox when he was a director at Burn Stewart, they had corporate boxes at both grounds but surprisingly that weasel preferred the huns.

  2. They just sat back without a murmour. The two game postponement should have been challenged as there was no rules to justify it. It was imposed on the whim of the first minister to the delight of the baying media. While i admit we were dire the momentum went to newco after that.

  3. The first time I saw him was at AICSC Annual Dinner Dance in Dublin where he announced his family connection with Ireland. I kid you not, he talked about a close relative who had served here as a member of the British Army. Shows how much he knew about our club and our support.

  4. Is Bankier the wankier a part of the secret 5-way-agreement where Celtic are to ensure they remain on a par with Sevco until they get on their feet?
    It sure looks like it.
    Bankier behaves like an Ibrox/SFA plant.
    Bankier is a REAL Tory.
    Bankier has more in common with the Fascist polis than the Celtic support.
    Bankier’s Tory ways permeate and hinder Celtic’s struggle for progress.
    Bankier, like all Torie’s and the Establishment, hate the Celtic support.
    Bankier and the SFA moulded Lawwell to behave like an uncaring Tory.
    Bankier is a cancer, not just on the Board but the whole Celtic ethos.
    Tell me I’m wrong


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