It is taking the rest of the SPFL clubs an age to join in with Celtic fans to highlight what the majority feel is overpricing of Scottish football games.

Rather than join in and getting the suits to take notice fans of other clubs would rather take offence that these banners don’t make an appearance at Celtic Park.

Prepare to have nothing to moan about.

It reads: “Motherwell v Celtic – £30, Hearts v Hamilton – £29, Celtic v St Johnstone – £30, lower prices for all fans, Celtic – set the trend, twenty’s plenty.”

The theme to all displays has been that “Twenty Is Plenty”. If fans at other clubs are happy to be paying over the odds for games then good luck to them.

Away fans have complained about blindspots at Celtic Park in the away section due to pillars, surely this is all the more reason to join the campaign.

Celtic fans are not actively looking to involve other clubs fans with their message but it sums the mentality of some people that they would turn seeking a reduction in ticket prices into a negative.


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