BARRY FERGUSON has become a very unlikely ally of the Celtic support when speaking his mind of the Stuart Armstrong situation.

The former Celtic midfielder came out yesterday and said he had no regrets about leaving Scotland and Celtic even though he has struggled to hold down a place in a woeful Southampton side who look destined for the drop the way things are going.

It’s all down to the individual of course but Barry Ferguson speaks from experience when he puts trophies over money.

The Ex-Ibrox man moved to Blackburn during his career and yes, he got more money but he wasn’t happy in a footballing sense.

Many Celtic fans believed Armstrong had the potential to become a top player and mainstay in the Celtic side for years but after signing just a one-year extension to his Celtic deal last year, it was just delaying the inevitable which was the player wanted out.

Speaking about Armstrong’s decision, Ferguson backs up those Celtic fans who believe trophies and adulation over a bigger wage should not be overlooked. Let’s face it, he was hardly being paid pennies at Celtic after all.

“I liked him. I thought he was a real promising player at Dundee United then he went to Celtic.” The former Ibrox man told PLZ Soccer.

“At times he looked a proper footballer. But for me, I made the mistake once, it’s all about winning trophies for me.

“I know you want to play against the best but Celtic at the end of the day are a massive club.

“They’re vying to get in the Champions League. If they’re not in the Champions League they’re in the Europa League.

“He’s now at a team that are always going to be struggling.”


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