Former Ibrox man and staunch pundit Barry Ferguson has finally admitted what we already knew about the Glasgow Derby at the start of September – Celtic were the better side.

The player turned pundit went viral on social media when he was quizzed about the defeat and gave Peter Martin daggers for asking a question about what it meant for the league.

The former Scotland player seems to have calmed down since the game and has now admitted Celtic were the better side rather than take the easy way out and claim the Ibrox side were poor.

Celtic surprised a lot of people by the way they played on the day and how much Neil Lennon had readied his men for the game.

We shouldn’t have been surprised considering Celtic have been the dominant team in the league for so many years. The bhoys actually went in as underdogs in many pundit’s eyes on the day and quickly made them eat their words.

Ferguson has gone through all the stages of grief and now he’s at the acceptance part. Fair play, Celtic and Neil Lennon deserve all the credit for the win.

“It was disappointing a couple of weeks ago against Celtic, but the better team won” he told SunSport “I’m not going to sit here and kid on about that. A lot of people say Rangers were poor, but you have to give Celtic credit.”


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