Former Ibrox player Barry Ferguson has given his verdict on his nephew’s horror challenge on Tom Rogic during Sunday’s game against Celtic.

With the game at 2-0 and Aberdeen already a man down the youngster decided to make a very deliberate two-footed lunge at the Celtic midfielder.

With Craig Thomson only a few yards away, there was only one option available to the whistler and that was to give Lewis his marching orders. As the player walked off the pitch he showed no sort of remorse for putting a fellow professional in danger, nor did he seem upset he had further hurt his own teammates with the act of stupidity.

“That’s when you want your experienced guys in the team, to try and calm the situation down.” Barry Ferguson told Record Sport.

” Aberdeen were going late into tackles and they were a bit all over the place.

“But I can’t defend Lewis. I know he’s my nephew but it was a two-footed lunge.

“It comes down to inexperience for me. Aberdeen were missing Graeme Shinnie, who might’ve told him to calm down and get on the ball.

“I can’t defend him, it was a sending-off. I’m sure Lewis will learn from it.”

It’s a bad day when your own uncle can’t defend you, especially against Celtic!

Tom Rogic had the last laugh of the day when he came out unscathed from the tackle and scored second later after Lewis was sent up the tunnel.

The Australian was just back from injury and he could have been sidelined again had Ferguson connected the way he wanted.


  1. Alan Thompson, one if the first players sent off in Scotland for a sliding foot and studs raised tackle. On guess who Snatcho Nueovo. The little cun7 jumped over the tackle that never came. But Thomo still walked.


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