The news broke earlier this afternoon when Neil Lennon confirmed Jeremie Frimpong was abroad finalising a deal away from Celtic but didn’t name the team or the transfer fee.

Clyde One’s Alison Conroy has been told the team is Bauer Leverkusen and the fee is around £11.5m.

To be honest, that’s a sort of bud our club cannot pass up, especially when you put in a sell-on fee on top of that.

It would have been an easy decision for Celtic to accept the bud and very easy for Jeremie to leave Celtic under the current circumstances.

The only thing is, Manchester City will be due a chunk of the fee. We got Jeremie on the cheap but it came at a price of a large sell-on fee.

It’s still going to be a major profit for the club regardless, but it leaves the club with few choices at right-back.


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