The debate surrounding who the next full-time Celtic manager is going to be will continue to rage on until the matter is settled but BBC journalist Tom English has made the rather startling admission he ‘knows’ who Peter Lawwell wants as the next Celtic manager.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland on Sunday afternoon after Celtic had beaten Aberdeen 3-0 to reach the final of the Scottish Cup – English admitted he knows Peter Lawwell wants Neil Lennon in the role full time and the Aberdeen game has made a strong case for this.

“I’ll be surprised if Neil Lennon doesn’t get it. Peter Lawwell wants to give it to him – I know that.” English told BBC SportSound.

“When he appointed him as interim manager when Brendan Rodgers walked out, he was very very grateful that Neil Lennon was there and took it, and dug him out of a hole. If Lennon wasn’t available, then he would’ve struggled to find a new manager.

“If he wasn’t there it would’ve been a problem. So I think Lawwell wants to give it to him and wanted Lennon to put up a compelling case for it. Today was a compelling case (Aberdeen result).”

We very much doubt the journalist knows as a matter of fact and is just speculating on what Peter is currently thinking.

If the narrative was that it was already Neil Lennon’s job before the end of the season there would be a backlash from fans who want to see the club at least look at all their options in the summer before coming to any conclusion.

Most Celtic fans are very grateful Neil has stepped in when he did but as the Irishman said, he has had NO guarantees about a full-time job this summer.


  1. If PL thinks he has found himself a Murty, he better be up front with a war chest of first what he paid Brendan Rodgers, and then, commit £20 million into the fighting fund, he better get the idea out his head now, and don’t treat softness for daftness.their seems to be a move on to rid players and I hope Neil ain’t PL lacky before we find out who the new manager is we already fucked up before getting rid of players who now are thriving elsewhere ,


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