CELTIC walked away from the David Turnbull deal on Tuesday evening after losing patience with the player and his agent.

The club gave Turnbull over the weekend and Monday to accept an offer to join Celtic but he held out for more money and now will likely get what he’s after at Norwich with the Canaries having a bid accepted for the 19-year-old.

Resident negative BBC Pundit Tom English has tried to stick the boot into Celtic over the deal, even though the club did everything right.

English points out Celtic have missed out on three Scottish targets and tries to lump them together.

In reality, which is where Tom rarely visits, they were all very different transfers. Celtic messed up the McGinn deal by playing a game of chicken with Hibs, they made a bid for Scott McKenna and Aberdeen wanted over £9m for him (no thanks) and Turnbull deal we offered what the club wanted, offered the player a good deal and he’s simply wanting to take the money up front at Norwich.


  1. He must have been guaranteed first team games with Norwich, since it wasn’t about the money and the band played believe it if you like.
    His agent should never at any time even if promising the next Messi be allowed anywhere near the Celtic Park footprint

  2. Tom English gets away with statements like this because no one really challenges him. Sometimes l wonder if Celtic do actually have a P. R team. I am not saying we should get into a war of words with him but like all bullies the more you let him away with the more he is likely to chance his arm with non factual statements particularly if it happens to damage the reputation of our club. Unfortunately for Celtic he never misses an opportunity to sling the mud in our direction.

  3. C’mon people. English is a Jabba puppet. He is just a fantasist, hoping to be on the back pages with this type of sh1t. In reality, he is someone who sits looking to make something from nothing.
    Well done Celtic, Turnbull was only after the money, we’ve seen that with his move to Norwich. He’ll be a squad player, and although he may have talent, I see him struggle to make the grade.

  4. Just think for yourselves, this young guy is a dye in wood Rangers supporter and simply does not want to be anywhere near the green and white shirts.

    Yes it sounds bad, but the truth does hurt, and at this young age any sectarianism isn’t out of the blue, even in such situations.

    Best move all round.

    Np problems with our side at all.


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