BBC pundit and former Aberdeen defender Willie Miller has called out Celtic defender Nir Bitton, for his lapses of concentration, which saw some slack play from the Israeli defender.

Speaking on BBC Scotland’s Sportsound, Miller criticised Bitton as he made his first return to the starting line-up after fully recovering from Covid-19, which he contracted last month whilst on international duty.

“If I was playing beside Nir Bitton, I won’t tell you what I’d be saying to him or where I would have him in the dressing room just now.

“It was so slack on three occasions in particular. I know he’s that type of player and he’s a very good player, but when the opposition start to do that, start to go slack, the passes start to go astray, that gives you a lift. It gives you hope

“Aberdeen had basically no hope at half-time because they were totally outplayed by Celtic. Celtic were in total control, came out the second half, they let their own high standards drop a little bit. Maybe Scott Brown should’ve been bossing them a little bit to say ‘hey, don’t give this team a chance’.”

Although on one or two occasions, Bitton had some slack play, giving the ball away in a dangerous area I would be willing to give the defender the benefit of the doubt.

None of these led to goals and the 28-year old did well to recover from his mistakes. Overall, Bitton put in a solid performance against Aberdeen and was his usual reliable self that we have already seen several times this season.

You could say that he has become Mr reliable for Neil Lennon’s side and rarely seems to put a foot wrong. At the end of the day, we probably do consider him as a centre back now, but that isn’t his natural position and yet he continues to put in solid performances, most weeks.


  1. I was listening to the game on the radio, and Wullie Miller was trying too referee the game from where he was.!! I just wish they would commentate on the game istead of telling us how the Huns were nine points ahead, and everything else in between, except what was going on , on the park!! Packet Bonner, you were just as bad!!

  2. Miller should,. Sorry – what was the score again? The enigmatic Considine, praised to high heaven last week blundered his way through the game. Meanwhile, Christie was allowed to take a pot shot at goal totally unchallenged. and you comment on Bitton. Nothing like ignoring the bleeding obvious. That’s what makes you an old dumpling Miller. Time for new glasses and a wee visit to the specialist for you! Dumpling is the word.


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