It’s hardly surprising but former Ibrox player and now BBC pundit Steven Thompson has said Celtic’s title will not be universally accepted if the league is called.

Again, we hear a pundit trying to belittle Celtic’s accomplishment when it’s no way in their hands.

The bhoys want to see out the season in style but as Thompson does say, the title was gone, yet he can’t call Celtic champions because he puts more weight on eight games not played than the 30 games already in the book.

“Anyone that says Celtic weren’t going to win the league is lying. They were going to win the league. A lot of my friends are Rangers fans and they had given up the ghost. Celtic were going to win the league.” Thompson told The Glasgow Times.

“But now, if Celtic are given the league Rangers fans won’t accept that, across the board. Universally it won’t be accepted.

“How can you be given a title if you haven’t actually won the title? It’s impossible to award the title to Celtic in those circumstances. 

“I knew they were going to win the league but I don’t think you can give a team the title without having played out the season.”

Celtic can do little about what’s going on now but when it really mattered, on the park, they made it count.

Nine in a row for this current Celtic side should and will be celebrated by the Celtic support who saw for themselves the hard work the players put in after January.

All the other stuff is white noise. PSG were worthy winners with runners up Marseille congratulating the French champions, in Scotland, pettiness rules the roost.


  1. Season 1939/40 just before the outbreak of ww2 rangers had played only five games, against the teams bottom of the league. And we’re awarded the league. They count it in their do called 54 titles. A further one was shared with Dumbarton. So please give it a rest. HH

  2. Who cares what he says or wants . The health of fans players are more important this seasons finished. It’s sad to see the english game only caring about the finance grubby and insensitive Players could pass this disease to their own families Disgraceful

  3. Oh dear , imagine Steven Thompson rejecting giving Celtic the tittle of champions.! I do not believe it!!! Just what I would expect from a bigot , and ex ibrokes player. He can not see anything but orange and blue in his mind, and is just a midden! Go back and crawl into the dung heap you crawled out of !. You drink of bigotry!! And your wee club from over ibrokes way is once again on the Swanee river sailing to destruction, and hopefully you are on the bows !!!!

  4. Celtic and all the fans world wide watched them out play all other teams and amass more points than any other team,but people can say what they like the history books tell the truth and will say Celtic won the title in 2019/20 season and no one can deny that and the next season we play in whenever that is we will be going for 10 in a row…

    Bring it on we will be ready for 10


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