The BBC are pushing a narrative Celtic got the ‘BETTER’ decision of the weekend because a penalty wasn’t given against them in their 2-0 win against Motherwell.

The incident at the time looked ominous and you could forgive people in the heat of the moment and without seeing different angles of thinking Celtic got away with one.

Let me set the record straight – we didn’t get away with one and in fact, Celtic should have had a free kick.

Check out the clip a Motherwell fan posts, an inconclusive video of who actually touches the ball with their hand. Boli and Van Veen both have their hand up as the ball comes down.

Motherwell wanted a penalty, they didn’t get it. But let’s look at the reverse angle and we can quite clearly see Van Veen is the man who has controlled the ball with his hand.

The narrative is being pushed because we saw yet more evidence of Ibrox players being immune to the colour red when it comes to officials against Hearts on Saturday. By bundling Celtic in with real mistakes, it attempts to create parity and the ‘big 2’ get all the decisions.

Celtic didn’t get away with one I’m afraid.


  1. Dont know why celtic fans watch the bbc rats our buy sky masons sports they bring our club down every time yet that new club can do what they want celtic board ought to grow a fanny because thats what they are a bunch of fannys and coward bastards anything for the blue pound peter eh.

  2. I dont suppose the mentioned the tackle on rogic scraped down from the back of his knee to his ankle and the tackle on turnbull in the second half. Atrocious!@@@@

  3. Sadly the BBC or the Daily Hun didn’t say too much about the penalty that Celtic could have got when the Motherwell player handled inside the box. In my opinion he clearly kept his elbow by his side but moved his hand out towards the ball, the only difference is we never expected to get the penalty. All in it is a sad reflection of the refereeing standards in Scotland when have those two clowns in charge of an SPFL game but not to worry we’ve got the Huns having the Runs. COYBIG.

  4. Can’t I understand why not one club in SPFL are prepared to tackle the undoubted corruption we are seeing from SFA and their DISCIPLES in favour of RFC in any match against them or in any Celtic FC match. Celtic should have been playing 10 men in at least 3 matches and RGC should have seen red in st least 3 matches against their respective opponents..Downright Corruption

  5. The Celtic player was honest enough to admit that he touched the ball with his hand. Will the Motherwell player be honest enough to do the same. And now that it’s out there will the SMSM ask him


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