TOM ROGIC is known for his laid-back approach to things in football.

His on-field demeanour is competitive but calm. This allows the Aussie man to play to his strengths which he executed to the fullest against St Johnstone on Sunday.

However, the Celtic hero looked more than annoyed when he saw his teammate take a sore one at the hands of Danny Swanson. The four-goal winger was flying, so much so a frustrated Swanson committed serious foul play and brought him down as he ran past him at the start of the second half.

It was a very bad, unprofessional challenge designed to hurt a fellow professional – nothing else.

This seen Tom Rogic march towards Swanson look far from happy with the tackle he just saw and as the referee brandished the inevitable red card Tom Rogic told the player to get lost. Gesturing for Danny Swanson to ‘beat it’.


  1. The problem is that the SFA have set the bar for skillful players like Forrest to be hacked by incompetent mediocre players like Swanson who really have no other way to make their mark.


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