Stuart Findlay has accidentally weighed into the tabloid manufactured debate over who is the better SPFL striker and who better to comment on it than someone who has played against both.

Findlay was on Clyde Superscoreboard on Wednesday and when he was asked who the toughest striker he’s come up against the former Newcastle man said without hesitation ‘Edouard, comfortably’.

When Gordon Duncan probed him on his pick he asked why exactly the striker was at the top of his list.

“It’s very difficult to defend against Edouard, you might not see him for ten minutes and then bang – he’s got in between you and he’s scored.”

Inevitably asked about defending against Morelos, the Killie defender said the Ibrox frontman was very good but it was more like an in your face fight with the Columbian inferring there was no real skill involved – whereas Edouard is very skilful.

Edouard continues to show why Celtic paid £9m for him and Stuart Findlay has hit the nail on the head with his description of both players. Both might be literally in the same league but really they are on different planets and different trajectories. Time will prove the tabloids foolish for having this debate – just like all the disparaging Virgil van Dijk claims are being laughed at now.

To put it in simple terms; nobody wants to be Morelos but everybody wants to be Edouard.


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