CHRIS SUTTON is regularly on social media chatting with fans of all clubs about what’s going on in football.

When somebody asked the former Celtic striker about the Scotland starting XI before the team lost 2-1 in Israel, the big man was rather perplexed.

Asked his thoughts on James Forrest starting for Scotland on the bench after his four goals at the weekend the BT pundit was beyond comprehension.

Sutton watches Forrest and Celtic on a regular basis and seen up close and personal how good the winger can be at the weekend versus St Johnstone.

Instead of playing the most in-form player in the Scotland camp – McLeish opted to shoehorn both Tierney and Robertson in with the manager showing no signs of wanting to change his shape to accommodate Forrest from the off.

McLeish is now under immense pressure after losing a game Scotland should have been more than capable of winning. His record as Scotland boss is woeful so far.


  1. The man should be relieved of his position you should play your strongest team in the wright position it does not mater what team you play for Celtic/ rangers/Aberdeen just put a strong team out there and get the points . Leve your religion and favourite team out side it’s a shambles

  2. I’m depressed for Scotland just now, not that I get upset about our defeats as I’m not the biggest fan of international football. Someone was saying about Calum McGregor being rubbish, he’s far from being the only one, as a matter of fact the only player who played well was the other MacGregor in goal. Much as it pains me to say anything good about Rangers players. I thought Naismith was about the worst player on the night and not because of him being ex Rangers, he just didn’t try. However, it’s wrong to be blaming any of the players as MacLeish is now one of the worst managers on earth and he should be put out to pasture, he’s really achieved very little as a manager except when he had the “Cheats Charter” at Ibrox. We all know that when it comes to football success only matters if you kick with a certain foot.

  3. Not long now he McLeish must move on now before he is sacked he can not pick the right players to do the job some thing very wrong with that and every one can see it clear now he is not the man for the job…

  4. The man is a liability whatever football knowledge fergie instilled in him has been lost. Personally i believe he was incapable of processing it.let’s say what we all believe he doesn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the box.

  5. It’s fairly simple. He is removing all Celtic players from the squad one at a time.
    Under starchan there were six. He quickly replaced Gordon with McGregor, despite Gordon doing nothing to merit being dropped. I personally don’t think there’s anything between the two keepers, but McGregor wasn’t the best until he joined the Huns.
    Next Armstrong was dropped, I mean, who the f*ck is Kevin McDonald? Then he makes Roberson his captain, which means he’s picked his left back. Then did a number on Griffiths. I suspect Tierney will get dropped after the OG, with claims of not being a centre back. Calmac might make it to the next window, but if he survives that long, there won’t be any celts in the starting eleven.
    Personally I think he has a grievance with everything that has happened since 2012, and all the stick he’s taken after he admitted they had to cheat to keep up with us.

    I decided I wouldn’t support Scotland if he was appointed, so I was supporting Israel last night.

  6. Alex McLeish was only successful at ranjurs through his EBT-SIDELETTERS and cheating if u take away the EBT-SIDELETTERS he would have nothing and he said that himself on live tv so we all know why he got the job at corrupt hampden petrie made sure of that walter smith is just like ginger baws dirty cheat and our biased media talk those to clowns up as if they’re great managers especially when one of them tells the truth on live tv..bawbags

  7. Scotland need a top manager we need to put down the top money for a good manager and be done with it we need a manager who knows how football is played today not 10/20 /30 years ago,now we need a manager in place as soon as,or we go down the same old road of nearly done it again we do have the players at hand now we just need the right man in that will take us to World Cup qualification and UEFA Nations League qualification


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