If the state of the league table this season wasn’t already disastrous for Celtic, then the 0-0 draw today with Livingston now spells apocalyptic disaster, as the hoops now lie 20 points off the mark.

The talk of games in hand is now all but irrelevant when performances barely even mirror that of professional football. The men in green and white could only manage a single shot on target as they whimpered to the final whistle.

The afternoon was already set up to be a long one with the lack of any striker to be seen in the starting lineup. Oko-Flex the only centre forward seen anywhere in the 20 man squad. The mere inclusion of the youngster begins to highlight the issue at the club currently, given his actions on social media back in the spring.

Celtic have had it tough recently. Forget COVID and the implications. The fact Celtic only managed said number of shots (or should that be SHOT) on target, goes beyond the lack of first team players available. A lack of positive attitude is clear. I personally do not blame a single player involved here. Any club in world football that is being mismanaged on the touchline and in the boardroom is felt on the pitch. The players are not there to play for those in charge at the minute, it’s there for all to see.

The club is going down a very dark path. It stems far longer than just this season. Today I found myself watching what was going on and couldn’t help but see a similarity in ourselves to that of what is going on at Newcastle. Many may laugh and say we don’t have it that bad. Do we? An egotistic owner/CEO who simply shrugs his shoulders at the fingers pointed to him. A manager clueless in his tactics, hired on the sole purpose of “he knows the city” and was of course, “the cheap option”. Take a look at the similarities and more so, just how long it’s went on at Newcastle for. This could go on and on and on if action isn’t taken.

Another point taken from today is a rather large one. Our youth system is dead and buried. Through a concoction of mismanagement and decision making our young players are being thrown out the game. Stephen Welsh stood out like a not-so-sore thumb during the week and put in a superb performance, yet wasn’t to be seen today. Bullied out the team by Shane Duffy, who I wouldn’t even be confident in playing in a celebrity charity match and him not conceding. As for the rest of the youth prospects there place isn’t here, and not now, whether there’s a place in the future, I don’t know, but they aren’t ready for the weight that’s going to be on their shoulders this season.

Many may simply say those who protested recently are wrong to do so. I say otherwise. Who else is going to step up and make themselves heard? There’s a toxic atmosphere right now amongst supporters, many I’m sure will stick back both the manager and this regime. Laughable. Celtic need a “non-Celtic man” manager, a man with brains and leadership and they need it now.


  1. Do we have a youth system? Mikey Johnston the only youngster coming through i can think of since KT.
    This week has highlighted the lack of quality coming through. Had high hopes for Ewan Henderson and Karamoto Dembele but they look as if they are going backwards. Decision to furlough the U18s shows how little thought is given to our youth policy as well as betraying the morals and values of the club


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