The World Cup is fast approaching and Fraser Forster will be among the players heading to the festival of football. While he may be lost among the Premiership stars by some, how many of his teammates can boast that they could go visit their teams local supporters club while in Brasil.

Look who popped in to visit.
Look who popped in to visit.

Well, Fraser can do just that thanks to the Rio Fergus McCann Celtic Supporters Club!

Formed in 2006 by a group of like-minded Celtic fans who wanted a place to follow the progress and successes of Celtic, the CSC has went from strength to strength, not only offering a friendly face to Celtic fans who find themselves in Rio but actively supporting projects in their local area.  Inspired by Brother Walfrid they have made it their constitutional obligation to give 100% of their annual profits (mostly raised from the sales of merchandising) to the local community. 

There is so much to admire about the Rio Fergus McCann Celtic Supporters Club. It Supports FIVE kids teams in their local area, helping them get the proper equipment and strips to play the beautiful game. They have also donated strips to an adult football team who play close to where the CSC meets in Ipanema – It’s called Cantagalo and they call themselves the Galo Celtic.

They even got the blessing from the Bunnet himself to name the supporters club after him. Fergus has since provided the club with tickets on occasion even helping the clubs ex-president out when he returned to Scotland a few years back.

DSC_0430Celtic FC have also made contact with the RFMCSC in recent times and donated over 200 official Celtic shirts for distribution in the community and beyond.

It’s fantastic to see Brother Walfrid’s original ethos for Celtic still being carried out today by our fans, even ones who are thousands of miles away. The Celtic family never cease to amaze me!

So if you are ever find yourself in Rio make sure you pop down to see the Bhoys in Brasil, a warm welcome will be guaranteed.



If you would like to support the CSC’s great work you can donate or even purchase one of their t-shirts by Clicking Here


You can also follow all the good work they do by going on to









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