FC Astana have thrown the toys out the pram already this week after posting slow motion footage of a tangle between Igor Shitov and Leigh Griffiths on their twitter feed.

The Celtic striker was booked at the time and after the match he labeled what happened as “handbags”.

However, this hasn’t stopped Astana moaning on their social media pages and local media.

Yesterday, Igor Shitov spoke about Leigh Griffiths and is adamant the striker should be suspended.

“Griffiths hit me and what happened should have been a red card.

“He should be suspended for this match.” said Shitov.

This is embarrassing behaviour in the run-up to Wednesday’s vital game that sits at 1-1 after the first leg. Especially when FC Astana proceeded to kick out at our players at every opportunity.

The player also believes Astana will conquer Celtic in Glasgow.

“This is our biggest game but we have played a lot of games in stadiums like Celtic Park and we will not be intimidated.”

Celtic have the away goal advantage and can hopefully advance to the playoff round.

Would be sweeter if Leigh was the man to send us there.

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  1. I suspect a ploy to try and influence the ref for tomorrow’s game. They certainly spent a large part of the game (like so many continental sides) trying to influence the ref in Astana. Pity Kieren didn’t make more of the ball being kicked at him at the end of the match, if only to balance things out in the game of accusations. Still no footage of Dembele being fouled in the box, let’s hope Parkhead is jumping and these rogues get what’s coming to them tomorrow night

  2. I’ve watched their slow motion video at least a dozen times and agree with Leigh Griffiths. It was handbags. Shitov was crawling all over our striker and Griff threw him off. There was no punch. This shows the complete lack of class from this club and this player. Their full back aimed kicks at Paddy Roberts all through the game and the referee could have booked him on at least 4 to 5 opportunities. The full back is the guy who should have been sent off.

    Let’s put them to the sword. This is the game to show our quality and embarrass the opposition.
    The crowd will play its part in full I hope.

  3. Can’t remember Leigh bitching about the deliberate & dangerous knee in the back from one of their defenders at full pelt. The ref was a total disgrace & must have a shiny new Ferrari gleaming in his garage paid for by Astana. Feckin joke of a ref.

  4. Ahahahaha, Astana are terrified of wee Griff and they really want the superbly talented striker out for the return leg, because they know that he is most likely to score and terrorise their defence. So it is Griff will do his job, but Astana have a lot more than him to worry about. Oh Astana, so this is what impending doom reads like? We are Celtic, hail hail.

  5. I also think that the Italian ref had a very large brown envelope left in his dressing room before the kick off over there. So come on Celts lets put them too the sword and really drum it in-to them. Forecast Celts 4 — Cheats 0.


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