TalkSport rent-a-gob made an absolute idiot of himself last night as he had a go at Chris Sutton for ‘No Scottish interest’ in Europe beyond the New Year.

The only problem was, Ian Abrahams did not have a clue Celtic were heading through at the time on nine points in the group.

The embarrassing oversight saw the pundit quickly delete the post but as always, someone had immortalised it with a quick screenshot and happily sent it along to Chris Sutton who replied to it.

Well said by Chris.

There are people in the game last night that put Celtic down as lucky – maybe a little bit on the night the way things transpired, but the only reason Celtic were in that position is that they earned it.

Winning 9 points and making a very good Leipzig side chase them, ultimately failing.

Celtic are now in the pot for Monday, somebody remind Mr Abraham’s if he forgets.


  1. A reporter can’t wait until the end of the games tells you how anti Scottish he is should be sacked in any other profession that would be the case but it also tells you what side of the fence he is sitting on

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