STEVEN GERRARD has had to backtrack somewhat after Andy Gray landed him in it with comments the pundit made about the Ibrox club stopping Celtic’s domination.

Andy Gray was reported to have said he had personally spoken to Gerrard about the upcoming season and the scouser had told him he was confident of winning the SPFL.

Gerrard took the opportunity to make it clear he hadn’t had that conversation with Gray about the league and that he didn’t want to appear over confident about the season ahead.

“I’ve never spoken to him about winning the league.” he told SunSport.

He said: “I’m not sure where that has come from. I’ve never spoken to Andy Gray about winning the league.

“That’s never ever come out of my mouth.

“I had a conversation with Andy Gray after the game about Qatar and the World Cup.”

You don’t know what goes on between two individuals but Andy is a massive fan of The Rangers and he and Gerrard were most likely shooting the breeze casually with the Ibrox boss relaxed and believing his comments wouldn’t be repeated.

The usual pre-season circus surrounding Celtic being dethroned is in full swing and Gerrard put a slight cog in the works with his comments on Gray.

Celtic still need to strengthen critical areas and for anybody to think the Ibrox club are in pole position for the title obviously have a severe case of the ‘staunchies’.


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