Radio DJ and former football phone-in big mouth Ewan Cameron is eating the biggest slice of humble pie this morning as Celtic fans unearthed a post he made five days before the season began.

Celtic were fresh off a double treble after winning the league by nine points and comprehensively beating Motherwell in the Scottish Cup Final but this didn’t impress Mr Cameron who told us all what was going to happen, or more to the point what WASN’T going to happen!

The Hearts fan, who seems to hang out at Ibrox a lot was convinced Celtic’s dominance was over as we headed into the 18/19 season.

Wishful thinking on the part of Ewan here and he even reiterated there would be no chance of a treble when his post was challenged back in July 2018.

We hope the big mouth Radio DJ gives us a similar prediction for next season.

Maybe we should send him our rebel treble t-shirt.



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