The FollowFollow Meltdowns account dropped an absolute belter onto Twitter over the weekend giving Celtic fans a glimpse into the murky waters of the deep dark web.

The account highlights some of the most ludicrous and outrageously funny comments made by Gers fans on the toxic forum that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to trying to get one over on Celtic.

I know what you’re thinking – how could they be possibly trying to laugh at anyone or lord it over Celtic in any form with the club’s relentless trophy haul. However, delusion finds a way, and just as the official Gers twitter account has proven lately – they’ll try and claim a victory over nearly anything.

Their Friday thread was a sight to behold at the weekend. A whole thread set up to mock Celtic not signing Bolton’s Luca Connell. The treble treble winners were branded ‘The gift that keeps on giving’ by one basement dweller – but it all went south rather quickly and by 9am on Saturday, Celtic announced the signing of Luca.


  1. The Manky If And Or When They Eventually Win A Domestic “Trophy” I Hear They Are Going To Have An Open Day At Shitebrox, They Are Going To Make The Cleaners Cupboard Into A Trophy Room With A Little Shelf Covered By Aluminium Sheeting With A Letterbox, Their Supporters Must Adapt A Formerly Queue One At A Time & Can Have A Look At The Trophy, Only If They Bring Their Own Torches, Because They Can’t Afford To Leave The Cupboard Light On “Pure Shame” ??? ? ?????????????? ?


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