Bitter Hearts Star Stevie McLean who was part of his side’s ‘pumping’ at the hands of Celtic yesterday has hit back at anyone who wants to have a go over him grabbing Eboue Kouassi’s private region during the game.

The Jambos thig was already on a yellow when he grabbed the player in Celtic’s penalty box with Eboue perhaps going down a bit more theatrically than he needed to.

However, the player makes no apology for doing it and even says ‘they’ (Celtic) will try to play it up after the incident.

“It was just a laugh. It was a wee wind-up. It’s fitba, eh.

“Jesus, if I went down every time a centre-half did that to me I’d be on my backside all day!

“If you think about how many times a centre-half has a dunt on me, I’d be on my arse all game.

“No doubt they will try to play it up, but it was nothing.”

McLean was on record on Wednesday declaring he wanted to see Celtic get pumped in Europe before their Murrayfield tie to give them the edge.

It seems his mouth puts much more work in that his feet, and erm hands.

Celtic will take on Hearts this Saturday at Parkhead which should be another explosive tie.


  1. Where’s the compliance officer
    The muppet just admitted to cheating
    Maybe it doesn’t happen to him so often is because no one can find his
    Hail Hail

  2. What do.these compliance officers actually get paid for by the way? What does the “rangers” goalie have to do to earn a booking? Pull a Maurice Gibb out his waistband or his sock during a game? And why isn’t the compliance officer addressing the problem of referees allowing him to assault people with impunity match after match?

  3. McLean is a no mark big mouth. If the Compliance Officer doesn’t cite him on TV evidence, and worse McLean’s own words of admission, she should be toast.
    Yep, similar naughty things have happened before, Gazza, but with cameras all over the place now the practice is few and far between otherwise we would constantly be watching replays of the black art.
    McLean is obviously not the sharpest tool in the box when it’s certain that wishing the oppisition to get pumped in a prior game is bound to blow up in your face as it did yesterday.

  4. It’s great isn’t it, to put these clowns in their place, ?amazed how they moan like f—k when they are shown up for what they really are ,sh—e!!!!

  5. McLean has committed a sexual offence in the workplace. It’s no different from some eejit grabbing a female workers breasts and passing it off as some banter.
    Police Scotland has the video evidence and McLean has freely admitted what he’s done.
    He should be charged accordingly.


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