Former Ibrox man Graham Roberts had an absolute meltdown on BetFred TV today at the mere suggestion of nine in a row. The bitter ex-pro ranted it wouldn’t be nine in a row because The Rangers hadn’t made their way to the big boys table until three years ago.

He then goes onto say we won’t get nine anyway after trying to discount all titles which weren’t won with a toxic club playing out of Ibrox in the league.

The meltdown is fantastic and it goes to show how much this occupies his brain. Ranting at an unassuming TV presenter like the deranged dregs of their support. They love playing to the galleries and I’m sure this is exactly the route they’ll take when Celtic win nine in a row.

It’s very cold in our shadow bhoys and ghirls.

All the presenter should have done was nod, pat him on the back and say ‘Enjoy yer night mate’


  1. what looks like a fat wanker falling out of his own skin,the manky hun prick that is greame roberts…….ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………..fat prick , hope he chokes when we do the nine.

  2. Poor Graham, still fancifully playing the “air flute”, just like when he was a low skill fat arsed thug on and off the field, thanks for the laugh, it’s all you are good for.

    • Buffoon barely knows how to string a sentence together…and Betfed,if you insist on having guests on your TV channel,ffs make it an intelligent person who can look at things objectively,instead of a proven bigot who habitually talks out of his arse.

  3. He is a waste of space serial loser. The man is an absolute thug. He never had any footballing ability. If he did on the streets the things he did on a football pitch he would be locked up. A horrible man who doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air we breathe. Hope you rot in hell.

  4. Graeme Roberts conveniently doesn’t mention Sevco are Going for there 1st Premier Title in there Illustrious Seven Years of Existence since they were Formed and Founded by Charles Big Hands Greene….
    These Retarded Muppets Are Living in Constant Denial…Horrible Sad Bigotted Arsewipe


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