INSTEAD of praising Celtic for winning the game, instead of congratulating the Bhoys for a job well done – resident SunSport columnist Bill Leckie went off on one about the new Parkhead entertainment lights.

On a night where Celtic showed their Euro credentials and didn’t crumble when they conceded late on, it was all about his dissatisfaction at the light show he didn’t find very entertaining.

I know we’re up against some mad journalists in Scotland but if this is the sort of stuff they’re producing after a great night for Scottish football where the lights did actually add to the atmosphere and the whole feel of the night, then we’re doomed!

“I mean, after all the pre-match hype and the warnings that fans should be in their seats by quarter to eight so they didn’t miss the magic, you were all set up for something extra-special.” he told SunSport.

“An image of the Lisbon Lions projected across the pitch. A club crest beamed into the night sky like the BatSignal. At very least, a gigantic hologram of Brendan Rodgers, striding out to wave to the adoring throngs.

“Instead, it was just…well, lights and sound. Bright lights and booming sound, to be fair. The kind of build-up you’d expect for Rihanna coming on stage at the Hydro rather than the teams coming out for a Consolation Cup-tie on a peeing-wet Thursday night in the East End.”

To even refer to it as a consolation cup is something else too. Is Bill hurting? Is he grumpy? Did things not go to plan in Russia?

Since Bill didn’t want to focus on it, we will!

Celtic won 2-1 on Thursday night with a mature performance from a very young side.

Christie, Edouard, Tierney the standouts but you had the work rate of McGregor and the defending was up there too.

The lights were not bad, we had more of an issue with the terrible pies!


  1. Ban the fećking muppet
    He can write about the light show from the London road
    We don’t need this nonsense
    A bitter twisted hurting hun trying to take the gloss off a fantastic night
    His story should of been
    Get used to negative headlines these hurting huns are gonna see more of them
    Hail Hail

  2. He didn’t have to attend furthermore i hope he doesn’t attend ever again. Come on who really takes the rag seriously it’s not even an enjoyable comic more a right wing blog.

  3. Just another sad journalist unable/unwilling to give credit where it is due!!!! The tribute act getting gubbed just makes the hurt even worse,really who cares about these saddos,the whole effort last night from the pre match show to the game itself,shows the gulf in difference between us and the crumbledome,hh

  4. The lights were always going to be a big disappointment to him after the rapture he experienced under his duvet with his torch and the underwear section of his ma’s Freeman’s catalogue. He’s a complete Sherman tank.

  5. This is what it is all about a fantastic european night at Paradise and what a truly professional display from Brendan Rodgers Bhoys, What an outstanding vociferous ovation and support from the best supporters in the world, Make no mistake this was a team who plays in the Bundesliga, They may have had players out through injuries, But so did we and for the bhoys to come back so quickly after the German team equalised and not let their heads go down, Says everything about our players, Man for man every player deserves praise for their commitment and effort even though after the final whistle they were f’ckd (lol) 😆

  6. Always been a hurting hun “st. mirren supporter”I destroyed him on a phone in show in 2001 when after the hun hoardes had been pulled up for their filth like behaviour he tried the now called “whataboutery” he was flapping like a do showing his hun perma rage as I wiped the floor with him ha ha my mate actually recorded it .I by accident (honest) heard him decry KT on that talk sport on H and J and the 2 presenters were amazed how he said “awww Andy Robertson way better”Really?! I think not as KT walk into any team in Europe !no matter what league he is in same as Danny Mcgrain could have ANY!Leckie has always played this “of”card “I support a”diddy team”card while sitting there boiling when Celtic achieve while his real team go from disaster to disaster his are the worse kind of hun bigot worked with and grew up with loads perma rage poison but in secret awww the poor wife tho the last one got shot of him I know that for a Fact! Hail Hail fellow Tims GREAT TO A TIM TRIPLE TREBLE AND RUN IN EUROPE ON THE WAY!CELTIC A TRUE ICONIC CLUB LOVED TEAM THE WORLD OVER leckie a sad pathetic clown FACT!

  7. But regardless Bhoys were amazing last night never gave an inch they ran themselves in to the ground different class Hail Hail


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