Derek McInnes has used his platform as a pundit to say Celtic’s goal shouldn’t have stood because of a hand ball in the build up.

The former Aberdeen boss said Jota hand balled it before the ball got into the box and Forrest smashed it home.

Derek seemed irked by the decision and said VAR would have chopped it off:

McInnes stated on Live Premier Sports TV: “I think it has to be said, if that’s in England with VAR that goal doesn’t stand.

“It is fine margins. We didn’t think it was a handball at the time (the pundits), we were just congratulating the fine finish from James Forrest and Celtic for capitalising on the mistake, but it is clearly a hand ball.”

Celtic finally broke down the ultra defensive St Johnstone at Hampden on Saturday, sending the large support inside the stadium wild.

McInnes, a former Ibrox player, who was once sent off as Aberdeen boss for making a gesture at the Celtic support at Hampden was clearly trying to dampen the day.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it and Celtic fans sit delighted this evening after making the League cup final.

Perhaps Derek is extra prickly because he didn’t land the Ibrox gig. Let’s hope he gets a job somewhere soon so he’s off our TV screens.


  1. The “fine margins” crap again eh!
    Nothing said about what an injustice it would be if Saints had won the game despite doing nothing more than simply trying not to lose.
    A thoroughly deserved victory for us and for football in general.

  2. St Jonie should have finished the match with nine men. Ohh sorry. No var. So the goal stood dezza.
    The ref and his ass’istance were truly shocking.
    Never mind the blu puntits, doing Celtic nor St Jonnie (and Column Davidson) any favours.
    But honest mistakes do happen.
    Lets see how many ‘hunest mistakes’ happen, to see sevco through tomorrow.

  3. VAR in any country would have the ref sacked ….end of. Useless fud should have had St.J players off and his late flourish of cards to their players and manager to make the stats look even after honest mistake bookings of Celtic players, doesn’t wash.

  4. Mcinnes knows its gonnae be a all green final and is starting to worry about hibs because celtic are in the final sadnlittle horrible alex ebt rae look a like.ZOMBIE SCUMBAG

  5. I will take a handball every week if it means beating a thuggish,boring,non committal team like that. You need to have pointy elbows to get into that team

  6. Roonie should have seen red for his revenge attack on Welsh.
    Brycen gets away with a pretendy warning while Kyogo gets a booking for a nothing shove.
    St Jonstone got what they deserved.

  7. Poor Del boy, terrible manager just another Ibrox cheerleader ?? Usual shit slag off Celtic and ur guaranteed free publicity… Makes him feel relevant, wit can a i say,, total fckn “ZOMBIE” HH

  8. Craigan was giving it the same patter. St. Johnstone should’ve been playing with 9’players, but they weren’t so loud about shouting at that. The ref once more showed he is absolutely incompetent (for both sides) and became a card happy wee man syndrome in the end.


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