Bitter ex-Ibrox player Alex Rae has backed the decision not to give the Scottish Champions a guard of honour on Sunday when Neil Lennon brings his side to Ibrox.

The hapless pundit who is known for stuttering out a half baked opinion echoes the sentiments of some of the most deranged in their fan base while trying to pass it off as ‘society’ being offended.

Rae from a bygone era where you can do much more than turn down a guard of honour before anyone looked your way.

“It’s the right call by Rangers, but it’s also time for people to calm down about it all,” Rae told SunSport.

“I think relations have fractured between the both clubs in recent times. They really have the look of polar opposites to them.”

Yes, one club wins things and isn’t spiteful and the other doesn’t win things and cuts Celtic’s ticket allocation.

“There are sections of society now who are not just happy to celebrate success. They want to rub it into their rivals at every turn and it’s quite pathetic.”

Again, we’re going to take exception to this absolutely blinkered view from a guy who actually puts his thoughts out into the airwaves. A guard of honour is nothing to do with rubbing it in – it’s about respect and sportsmanship to acknowledge the achievement of your peers. It’s pathetic not to do it but it’s even more pathetic to take the stance Rae has decided to take.

“Rangers are within their rights not to have a guard of honour. There are people in society who are simply waiting to be offended.

“I actually think this issue is more indicative of where we are as a society today. Things have changed dramatically in recent years.”

So there you have it, the Ibrox club doesn’t want to to a guard of honour to show dignity and respect but that’s societies problem. Cheers Alex.


  1. Rae is just a wee toerag, looking for an excuse to speak. Now he hangs around with the BT Sport gang, he thinks he’s a recognised mouthpiece. His bile is only succeeded by the fact he can stand up. A moron of the first class, who like most ex Bun players was a sh1thead as a player. Mostly tackles from behind, and getting involved in scraps where he kicked any player in the hoops. Jabba is on the defensive over this issue, sending out Rae to talk their bile for them. Stick your guard of honour you rats. We won 8IAR that’s honour. HH

  2. Once sung by Chelsea supporters to Steven Gerard song , who’s that dangling from his misses arse is it a gangster

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