NEW Celtic midfielder Yousouff Mulumbu was probably one of the only Celtic players who got pass marks last night against Salzburg – especially in the first half.

The player went about his business well and broke up play, doing the dirty side of the game.

A lot rested on the former PSG player’s shoulders with Scott Brown being out for the game but he did rise to the challenge.

Unfortunately, the second half was an absolute disaster for Celtic as they went back to default away mode in Austria.

They were overrun, couldn’t keep the ball and had very little respite from Salzburg’s constant attacking threat.

Celtic got exactly what they deserved from the game in the end with the Celtic manager admitting the better team won on the night.

It hasn’t stopped Mulumbu thinking ‘what if’ and the midfielder didn’t hold back on his Instagram after the game.



  1. Well what can be said after another disaster in Europe,!!!!!!! Enough is enough perhaps,or do we just accept that we can no longer compete even against the ‘normal’ teams in Europe,totally outplayed made to look second/third rate ?????.if you read comments on other Celtic forums it is very much the same conclusion,will we win on Sunday???? Or is it now a hit and miss for every game, sorry can’t see number 8 coming up,we can blame others for this demise,but what is the point,hope I am not being defeatists,but !!!!!!!!

  2. No Ray you are just being honest and realistic. We were awful in the 2nd half Three shocking pub team goais from a defence in crisis and all started from missing RB! It’s now beyond a joke. If we don’t get a quality CH and RB in Jan then it’s goodbye from me. The Board should be ashamed!!

  3. No Ray you’re just honest and realistic. We were awful in the 2nd half! Players gone missing, bad passing, yard short ,three pub team goals from missing RB, crisis defence,no boss in SB’s absence etc!! If we don’t get quality RB and CH by Jan then it’s goodbye season and goodbye me. The Board should be ashamed!!!

  4. So help ma Boab….. every game in Europe is now the standard we getting on on Sat/Sun games. When is the penny going to drop, there is a problem, and I think is with Brendan. He looks drained, weakened with the constant draggindg his team to maintain some sort of performance level. I suspect we may have seen the best of Brendan, hope not???

  5. It is time for all the players to show there worth stand up and be counted our your gone manager needs to be strong and boss the weak players and send the dead wood home and put them up for sale,the only person that can change the mind set of players is the manager now he must be ruthless.


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