It was a bizarre moment at Celtic Park when Sean Mackie handled the ball to give away a late penalty to Celtic. The Raith man was already on a yellow and should have seen a second followed by a red in the aftermath,

Instead, referee Stevie McLean booked the wrong person who hadn’t handled the ball leaving Mackie free to see the game out.

Celtic had a poor first half but turned it up in the second to register a 4-0 victory against the lower league side.

The referee didn’t cover himself in glory throughout the game and Raith could have had their own penalty in the first half.

The standard of refereeing is very poor in Scottish football and continues to be poor as we talk about VAR coming in.

We need competent people operating VAR, right now, I’m not so sure the people in charge of officiating our game are up to the task.


  1. Didn’t need it, pity about the yella card mix up. Good on Jamie McDonald saving it. Was it really a penalty? The first half one that CCV handled was though. But that wasn’t to be. Like the Giokamakis offside. Three bad decisions don’t make or break the result.
    At least Gio never kept fiegning injury, each time a football shirt grazed him.
    Good to see big Chris back, like to see him and CCV play together at the back soon.

  2. ira newborn are you blind or just stupid it was stonewall even michael stewart thougt it was a penalty until he seen it from the refs view and changed his mind saying he did hand ball the ref was spot on


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