Alfredo Morelos made a slit throat gesture at the Celtic support as he was sent off for cheating during the Glasgow Derby game. With The Rangers winning and no time left on the clock the Colombian inexplicably dropped to the ground when he realised he’d lost his opportunity to score. The result was a second yellow and his marching orders.

The provocative gesture he made to the Celtic support has not been dealt with by the SFA. However, what was dealt with was a Ryan Christie grab on Morelos which has saw the player get a two match ban by the governing body retrospectively. Leaving many bewildered and wondering why Morelos and his gesture was overlooked, the craziest of explanations have come through SunSport on Friday morning.

The paper claim the Colombian was given a THIRD yellow card inside Celtic Park after the game by ref Kevin Clancy and this is reason for the matter not going any further.

A striker who has already been sent off given another yellow as punishment. Surely the SFA have to ask why that action was taken.

The silence from the SFA and this coming through a tabloid newspaper is pretty shocking.


  1. This new Club playing out of the Crumble Dome is of Every Other Club in the SPFLs making.They got Voted in.With the SFA using Intimidation tactics against every other Club.At the end of the day,It’s up to every other Club if they want to accept this Blatant Bending of the Rules BS.Five Way Agreements Miraculously surviving Liquidation.The Only Club Ever in World Football to get Liquidated and Just Seemingly Carry Om like SFA happened……
    As for Peter Liewell That’s a whole Other Story All Together.
    Celtic should Inform the SFA can piss off Regarding Our Players playing for ScotHunLand.SFA corrupt to the Core


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