Celtic fans have been having a good laugh online today as the English press continue to cover Eddie Howe.

The man who agreed in principle to take the Celtic job before backing out because he couldn’t secure his back room team is seemingly at it again.

MirrorFootball is claiming the deal for Howe to takeover at Newcastle is now hanging in the balance with talks over his back room staff stalling the deal.

Celtic fans have been having a chuckle at the latest news and aren’t at all surprised it’s holding up the deal.

From the outside, Eddie seems incapable of doing his job without his pals alongside him.

Look in contrast to Ange Postecoglou, who is so confident in his own ability as a manger, packed up his stuff and flew from Japan to Scotland to take on the Celtic job.

Of course, it’s great to have staff in place that you trust but to turn down the Celtic job because of it was seen and is still seen as a farce.

Now it’s holding up his deal to the now richest club in football is laughable.


  1. Thank god we didn’t get bottle merchant Howe. Big Ange is a far superior manager in every respect. Howes just a buffer!! ?


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