LIVERPOOL are in Barcelona for their Wednesday night semi-final tie against the Catalans and the fans have travelled in their thousands to witness the game.

There have been a few instances on social media of rowdy Liverpool fans acting in an unsatisfactory manner – one fan was filmed throwing an unwitting local into a water fountain.

The Barcelona police are out in force for the influx of Liverpool fans and have gone undercover to try and weed out any troublemakers. It all took a bizarre turn when one of the undercover police seen taking a Liverpool fan away was wearing a Celtic tracksuit top as his disguise.

It appears to be a Celtic Nike hoody from before New Balance took over as our kit makers.

It’s genuinely bizarre the cop has decided the best way to blend in with Liverpool fans is to wear a Celtic zipper.

So if any Liverpool fans are reading this, behave yourself around people wearing hoops for the next 24 hours!


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