Brendan Rodgers has taken the heat at Celtic’s AGM for the signing of Marvin Compper and has explained the reasoning for signing the German.

A shareholder asked the question at today’s AGM about ‘who was responsible for the defender signing’ and ‘was it worth it?’

Brendan Rodgers responded:

Many Celtic fans have been upset about the defender being idle during his time at the club – even now when he’s fit.

Fingers were pointed at Celtic’s recruitment staff as well as Brendan Rodgers own appointment Lee Congerton.

Celtic were in desperate need of defensive backup in January with Jack Hendry and Marvin Compper coming in.

Marvin quickly got injured and then suffered a series of injuries. The defender got one outing in the Scottish Cup last season but that has been it.

The German was told he could move on in the summer but chose to stay with the rumour he is on a large wage.

Compper may be impossible to shift until he deal ends in 2020.


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