Former Celtic defender Vidar Riseth has sent a message to the current Celtic squad ahead of the possibility of derby rivals Rangers having the chance to win the league at Celtic Park.

As quoted by Sun Sport, Riseth experienced this feat back in 1999 in what was a memorable game for all the wrong reasons with Riseth even being sent off in the game. So if there is anyone who can give that sort of advice it is the Albanian who has urged the current crop of players to keep their cool and focus on the game.

“Seeing Rangers winning the league in our stadium is the worst thing that could happen, not only for the players but for the club and the fans as well. That was not a good experience.

“I remember this game. It was terrible.

“We hadn’t played well that season of course but we had a good week’s training before the game and we actually started the game quite well.

“But once Rangers got in front we just fell apart.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh no, not again’ because we had played so many bad games that year.

“We got angry and when that happens, you are behind in everything you do. It was a really bad feeling. I got a red card in this game – but I wasn’t the only one. 

“There were a lot of cards flying about – so many reds and yellows. We didn’t cope with the situation well and Rangers were able to win the game comfortably.

“I was sent off with around 10 minutes left. I was already in the shower when the other boys came in. 

“I just remember the place being so quiet. I don’t remember the dressing room at Celtic ever being that quiet. 

“To lose the league at home to Rangers is the worst thing. We all felt shame, we felt angry, we were thinking about the fans. We know the rivalry, the fans hate each other so you don’t want to give the other side reason to gloat.

“My message to the current team if they end up in the same situation next month is to only think about the next minute of the game. Don’t go out thinking I’m going to show the fans something or end up being crazy and kicking someone.

“Of course it’s important when you go into a game like this to fight really hard.

“If they can give their all from the first minute then they have a good chance. But if they don’t give 100 per cent all the way to the final whistle, then they are going to lose.”

After yesterday’s 1-0 defeat to Ross County, Celtic are just seven points away from losing grip of their nine-year league dominance.

In what has been a disastrous campaign this sort of event would just sum up the season.

We all know how capable these players are, we have seen it many times over the last few years winning treble after treble.

For the dominance to end in this way would pile on further agony for fans, so hopefully, the players can take Riseth’s points on board from someone who has experienced this sort of thing before and try win back some pride in this way.


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