The Scottish Government have confirmed Scotland will move to Level 0 with caveats.

So what does that mean for Celtic?

They are only allowing 2000 seated people in an outdoor arena for now. Celtic vs Preston already has the go ahead for 2000 fans and now it looks like our Champions League qualifier will be the same.

Nicola Sturgeon did confirm clubs can apply for more fans to be allowed in and could be permitted for more under the right circumstances.

Social distancing is still in play and they want to be as cautious as possible before going beyond Level 0 which is scheduled for August 9.

It’s not ideal, but if we’re getting closer to full stadiums, waiting a little longer shouldn’t be too frustrating.

We all long for the day we’re inside a packed Celtic Park and You’ll Never Walk Alone is belting out into the Glasgow sky.

It’s been a tough road but hopefully we’re nearly there.


  1. If I stand 200 centimeters away from others we are all likely safe, but perish the thought I drift into the death zone of 199 centimeters, at which point I become vulnerable and increase the likelihood of vulnerability in others with the possible consequence of death. If there is any humans out there still buying into this utter claptrap then you need a psychiatrist, although they’ll likely confirm the nonsense. There is no pandemic. Just look at the NHS figures on mortality rates and hospital admissions over past 5 years. Game over. Back to normal.

    • Its definitely you who need the psychiatrist.

      Or are you just a sad lonely attention seeker?

      Its all a conspiracy , no one has died, every country in the world is faking it but only you & you fellow online cranks are clever enough to see through it!


  2. Hilarious honestly, do they forget what everyones just witnessed at a euros final? What’s the difference between this and champions league qualifiers? Shambles.

    • Yeah, the Euro 2020 final was an exemplar of fine behaviour with no consequences whatsoever. Can’t see the issue at all, especially if I don’t look for one.

  3. The media in the UK have not reported the comments made by the WHO concerning the games played at Wembley. A repredentative said she was ‘devastated’ by the scenes from Wembley and said that England can expect a further spike in the coming weeks. the UK government OK’d 70,000 sat a game when daily cases reached 35,000. Why? To give England a greater chance of victory. UEFA gave the FA 6 games out of 7 at Wembley as thanks for scuppering the European Super League. A corrupt government in collaboration with the most corrupt organisation in the world have ensured there will be 80,000 cases a day by the end of July. Everyone wants to get back to going to games but not at the expense of illness and deaths.


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